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At Search, a manufacturer of medical devices, including nonabsorbable surgical sutures, absorbable sutures, dental implants, and silicone medical devices, we continue our efforts to become a leader in the medical device export sector. All employees at Search are working hard to provide the highest-quality products through continuous product development.

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business field
exporting country

Search makes the highest-quality products and exports a broad range of devices to many countries, including China, Brazil, U.K., and Indonesia. To become a global leader in medical device manufacturing, we, at Search, will continue our efforts to make quality products.

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  • core value

      • Global company

      • At Search, we export our medical devices to many different countries and have received further recognition for our products, with our exports surpassing the 5-million-dollar mark in 2018. We will continue our efforts to become an industry leader in the global market.

      • Highest quality

      • Among Search’s notable achievements over the years are: no more than two incidents of rework, product defect rates below 5%, damage rates below 1%, and defect rates below 5% as a result of process audits. We are redoubling our efforts to further improve product quality and provide best-in-class products.

      • Risk-taking spirit

      • At Search, we pursue a healthier and better quality of life. We will continue our efforts to make best-in-class medical devices. At Search, we bring our risk-taking attitude to work in making the company a global leader that incorporates healthcare into medical devices, including nonabsorbable surgical sutures, absorbable sutures, dental implants, and silicone nasal implants.

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2013. 11 Establishment of Search Co., Ltd. Business Registration. Moved to Gwangju Techno-park Venture Support Center Registered as a foreign investment company

2014. 03 KFDA Certification of Kerator with Cap

2014. 06 Patent transfer of Hand piece with densitometer Patent transfer of maxillary sinus bone thickness and the root canal length measurement device and of the device usage


2016.04 MOU for export and import [Ke Jian Medical Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd]

2017.12 1 Million (USD) Tower Award from KITA (Korea International Trade Association)

2018.04 KFDA Certification of Medical Suture (Registration number: 15-950 with 3 more products)

2018.07 Building the new company building of Search Co., Ltd.

2018.12 Certified as an excellent job enterprise 5Milion(USD) Tower Award from KITA (Korea international Trade Association)

2019.12 Certified Family Friendly Company

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