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  • What kind of company is SEARCH?

    SEARCH manufactures a wide range of medical devices including nonabsorbable sutures, absorbable sutures, dental implants, silicone nasal implants. At SEARCH, we serve customers both at home and abroad by receiving orders and deliver them locally or exporting. In 2018, our exports surpassed the 5 million dollar mark in the medical device manufacturing sector. Currently, we are making every effort to become the best supplier of medical devices in both global and domestic markets.
  • What differentiates SEARCH’s products from their competition…

    SEARCH’s products are distinguished by: no more than two incidents of rework, product defect rates below 5%, damage rates below 1%, and defect rates below 5% as a result of process audits. We are committed to keeping our manufacturing process in good condition. We also use quality materials to manufacture products that meet our customers’ needs.
  • I have a question about your product.

    SEARCH’s dental implants are available in various shapes to best serve the varying needs of patients
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