PDO threaD?

  • About pdo?

    PDO is an absorbable monofilament suture made of biodegradable synthetic polyp-dioxanone. Primarily used for the joining or tying together of tissues, it is also used for other purposes including skin care and wrinkle control. With thorn-like barbs (cogs) along the thread, the suture can be effectively used to tighten or hold skin tissue (“lifting”).

    A PDO thread consists of a PDO suture and a needle, which is used to inject a drug into the body. With the typically manufactured PDO thread, the suture is fixed with sponge after being pre-loaded to the needle.

    Following the procedure, the needle is removed with only the sutures left to dissolve on the treatment area. The complete absorption of the sutures takes about 180 to 220 days.

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all kinds of NEEDLE

capable of various modifications

PDO threa lifting gives you the best wrinkle-reducing effect with press-cut thread

    Different needles available depending on model

  • Normal

    Needl tip is sharp

    It cuts with backcut and softly penetrates to skin

  • Cannula A type

    Roundededge sharpness

    Minimizes the damage

    45˚ degree for blood vessels easier insertion

  • Cannula L type

    Advantage of blunt needle

    Smooth separation of suture from the cannula

    No bruise, less pain

    Suitable for lifting surgery

  • Cannula U type

    Advantage of blunt needle

    Minimizes damage to blood vessel

    No bruise, less pain

  • Cannula W type

    Advantage of blunt needle

    Smooth separation of suture from the cannula

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Products used
by each part

A Glance at Types of PDO Threads Effective for Different Areas

PDO thread stimulates the fibrolasts of tissues and proliferates connective tissues such as collagen in skin dermal layer.
New collagen fibers are synthesized and rearrang vessels also grow.

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