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Chonnam National University Hospital held a protective clothing delivery ceremony in the conference room in the administrative building, attended by representatives from both institutions, including President Lee Sam-yong and Moon Young-pil.

CEO Moon Young-pil said, “I am grateful for the hard work of the medical staff who are sweating in the forefront of Corona 19.

Director Lee Sam-yong said, “As the fatigue from the prolonged corona 19 is increasing, the medical staff are also giving more strength to the encouragement of patients and local residents, including companies.”

We will continue to work hard to prevent the spread of infection and repay the will of the local people.”

Meanwhile, this donation originated from a strong mutual cooperation relationship based on trust between Shin Dong-Wol Group and Search Medical.

At the end of January, when the Corona 19 was in full swing in China, the Shin Dong-Wol group, which had difficulty securing a mask, urgently asked Search Medical for help.

Search Medical sent a sufficient amount of masks purchased in Korea to the Shin Dong-wol group. At the time, mask export was not banned.

Shin Dong-Wol Group decided to donate this protective clothing to the Search Medical side for helping them in difficult times.


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