implant system

  • implant system

    Submerged type implant with an Internal HEX&11’

    Morse Taper connection structure

    Increased osseointegration in the cortical bone

    Decreased marginal bone loss

    Tapered thread and double-tapered shape enable excellent initial bonding stability with sofr bone

    4-balded cutting edge with excellent self-tapping force

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    • magic post

      뛰어난 강성에 의해 파절 방지
      혁신적인 connection 으로 인하여 기존 보철 connection의 문제점 해결

    • magic cuff

      자연치아와 유사한 생리적폭경 유지
      좁은 골폭에 골이식 없이 식립 가능

    • magic fin thread

      식립시 interthread bone이 손상되지 않아
      빠른 골치유와 우수한 응력분산

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flow chart

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